I’ve been cheating- with rice. It’s an about once-a-week love affair. Sushi. Rice with curry.

I’m validating it though by running. With the added exercise, of a daily 2 mile run, it’s hard to just live off vegetables and meat.  The thing though is that I’ve gotten much more conscious about when and how often I’m consuming it, because before I had to stop myself. Now that I let myself, I have portion control like never before.

It’s not like I crave it, but eating out, I have to decide if I want a salad or something more exciting. And when you go to a Thai restaurant, you have to indulge a bit! It’s either rice or noodles, and on the totem pole of bad, bread is at the top, then pasta, THEN rice. So rice it is.


In the end, the whole point of this was never to completely cut those three out forever in my life, but to re-learn self-control. Which I think I am.


So far I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I finally squeezed into the jeans I wore 2 years ago. Not completely comfortably, but I could wear them out and about without the fear of bursting.

Baby progress 🙂

The Worst “Compliment” Ever

At my age, no one outright says things like, “You got fat.” No one.


Sometimes, I wonder if I should tell people it’s okay to so it doesn’t take 30 pounds for it to dawn on me. Maybe we could make a code word for it. Like, “Orange is a good color on you.”


When someone says that, it’ll be a subtle social cue of, “I think you’re either pregnant or seeping into the next dress size from cupcakes.”


I was never “fat-shamed.” My weight has been gently hinted at before by my family, though. So I don’t know what it’s like for some of you. And I never really saw it gaining; sure, sometimes clothes stopped fitting, but I chalked it up to period bloating, and with never consistent dress sizes in all the different stores, it didn’t matter that one day I was a size 6, the next a 10, because I figured it was just a discrepancy in manufacturers.


I think not owning a scale is the most dangerous thing. Some people insist on just “going by your clothes” but like I said, it’s not reliable for some people. There’s also the matter of just wanting to wear stretchy clothes, which is a perfectly alright life decision- but it doesn’t keep you accountable.


And the mirror lies. The mirror lies. In a self-empowering world of “embrace yourself, let’s support each other” we try to tell each other only the best we find in one another. We tell ourselves that, too, and we can focus on what we like about ourselves that day- like our hair.


The worst thing though, is when someone says, “That looks slimming on you.”
Like slimming is what I’m trying to achieve.

No. Fuck that. I’m trying to look fabulous.


I had that recently said to me, and it infuriated me to no end. Trying to hide things is not what you should be about when you’re dressing- you should be flaunting yourself. And if you don’t want to flaunt yourself, because everything seems to look a bit off on you, then you know that you’ve lost a bit of yourself to your excess weight.


I’m in that phase now- I miss when shopping was hard because EVERYTHING looked good on me and I couldn’t decide. Now everything looks strange and lumpy and I’m trying to find something that cleverly contorts. That is not the way to be living.


So while people may never tell you outright that you’re gaining weight without realizing it, take careful note in their compliments- they may be hiding something. Personally, I wish someone had been upfront about my chunking out. It would have saved me this woe of trying to lose 20 pounds.

Eating Out is Hard to Do

So many choices!

Luckily, so many places these days have wide-variety  menus or are eager to substitute, if need be.

One breakfast we went to Silver Diner, our favorite place down the street, an American diner boasting everything you could ever hope to eat and more. I got a Philly steak omelet with roasted veggies:


Brussels sprouts are disgusting, and didn’t know they were the feature of “roasted veggies” but was still impressed that that’s what they served- most places just serve carrots and potatoes. These were mixes with cubes of sweet potato and beets. I threw my biscuit at Lover, who had no qualms about wolfing it down.

Another place we went to was Little Med in DC, where I ordered a chicken plate that was advertised as over rive. When I asked if I could substitute the rice with extra salad the cashier said “Of course!” without hesitation. I let Lover eat the pita bread it came with, and in exchange I stole a few of his fries*.

Little Med

The nice thing is that it’s surprisingly easy to pick foods to eat going out. I don’t have to worry about portioning things, adding up calories. I’ve gotten better at stopping when I’m full, too. Swap things. Having a plate full of everything you can eat is SO much easier, I think, than trying to portion control.


*Fries are not cheating, just don’t eat a lot of them.



Cravings Dillema

Reason #1 why it’s important to get people on board: Eliminate Awkward Encounters with Forbidden Food

I tutor foreign children. I go to their houses and I chat with their moms on the regular. They’re phenomenal, friendly people. The downside: they burst out of the kitchen with sweets they’ve bake and insist you try, just a taste, I’ll just leave it here just in case, and won’t take it away. It’s wildly hilarious, but I piped up yesterday with, “No! Take it away! I’m actually on a diet with my boyfriend, and he’ll kill me if he finds out I’ve cheated!”
Thanks for taking the bullet, Lover.

What I’m trying to say is, I need to get as many people as I can on board.


After that, this happened:

Kid says he has to go grab is backpack, comes up with 2 6-pack of Oreos and hands me one.

Me: “Oh, thanks, but I’m on a diet.”
And he SNORTED and said, “Yeah, I’m on a diet, too,” and shoved a cookie in his face. So I shoved my Oreos deep into my purse, popped a sugar-free gum in mouth, and tried to ignore him munching on my favorite Oreos as we studied Latin.

Then I got lost on the way home because someone got pulled over by a cop so they were chilling in the left-turn lane on my way home, so I thought, “I’ll get the next left” and it gave me a very scenic tour of the town. 20 minutes later I was finally home and I was stressed, so I burst in and screamed, “I want a Costco vanilla froyo!” and dashed to the fridge, where I had my secret arsenal:



Lesson learned: If you’re going to indulge, get the real thing. It tasted like one of those bad protein shakes, frozen. The five chunks of “cookie dough” were decent, so I fished those out (hence the mess I made. I ate none of the actual “ice cream”).


The next day, I ran away from Lover while we was perusing the wines and darted into the ice crema isle, where I compared the nutrition facts of “sugar-free”, “frozen yogurt”, “sugar-free frozen yogurt” varieties before I came across my old friend, Edy’s Slow-Churned. And it’s only 20 calories more per ½ cup serving than the other three categories. And for real cookie chunks? It’s a diet steal.


I then had to do the shameful walk back, with my baby carrots in one hand (my excuse to run away) and the ice cream. Lover had gone looking for me and we happened to walk down the same isle, one from each end. It was a very long isle. It gave him plenty of time to notice and scrutinize the life decision I made in my hand. As soon as we were in ear-shot I announced, “Technically, this isn’t cheating. And you’re having wine. I’d rather have ice cream than wine. And only for days like yesterday.” He nodded.


At the check-out counter I remembered I still had my pack of Oreos and tried to coax the cashier into taking them. I recognize that I seemed like the crazy lady offering candy, but who knew. They were an unopened, unexpired package.


When he didn’t take the bait, I threw them in the trash on the way out of the store, and Lover said, “You looked ridiculous trying to pawn Oreos onto him when you were buying ice cream.”

“He didn’t know the ice cream was for me.”

As soon as we got home, we dug in. But I weighed each bite in my mouth, and as soon as the novelty of the flavor was replaced with “I’m just eating because I’m starving” I replaced the lid and ate dinner.

Healthy Yummy Turkey Chili

My sister sent me this and so since not only does it look delicious on the blog, it’s been tried and tested by someone who has a similar taste pallet as I.


The original blogger does an incredible job of presenting it, so check out the recipe here.


Sure enough, perfection.



The only thing I hate is the cost of bell peppers. Why so much, yo? $1.69 for a green pepper? Even more for yellow peppers. Like, a billion dollars.


The only thing I changes is I used Sriracha as a hot sauce (it doesn’t specify, and it was what I had on hand), organic where I could (if it’s only 10 cents more, why not?), and low or no sodium if the option was available.


It ends up being enough to serve every soup kitchen in all of America. Which is fine, because it turned out so good, and I froze half of it for a lazy week.


Some people enjoy chili over rice or with tortillas. Alas, I can do neither, so I steamed some cauliflower and used that as a bed for it. SO GOOD. Doesn’t affect the flavor either.


The nice thing about chili is that the longer it sits, the more the flavors meld together. It takes better the next day, and the one after it.


Eat up!

Beginning Week 2

Week 1 was about cutting back- 1 Siggi’s yogurt cup for breakfast, a fruit as a snack, a salad for lunch (mixed green, rotisserie chicken chunks, vinaigrette dressing), and cauliflower bake for dinner. For a week. It was brutal. Now that I’m exercising more consistently and I’ve been hungrier, I’ve been eating more.


On the Menu this Week:

Breakfast: A Siggi’s to-go yogurt and coffee with milk

Lunch: smoothie plus a hard-boiled egg

Snack at work: Popcorn (picture), fruit (pomegranates, apples)

Pre-dinner hanger prevention: carrots/bell peppers & hummus

Dinner: Chili (I pour it over a bed of steamed cauliflower)


Week 2 begins with my newfound love affair with the Ninja Blender Lover’s parents got us for Christmas. I lost my mind when I opened it while Lover blinked at me, confused, with, “Oh, it’s a good one?”
Lover, it is the BEST one.

And idiot proof. There’s 4 buttons, not a million.



And yet, the first time he used it, he filled the blender and then muttered, “Oh shit, look, there’s a Max Fill line,” and proceeded to crush the top down on it over the sink, everything gushing up out pver the brim. I just stared on in horror, unable to stop it. It ended up blending fine.


But besides that rocky start, we’ve been doing well.


This week, I’m blending. I do:

-1cup fresh fruit (I’ve been using strawberries and honeydew)

-1 cup Leafy greens (fresh spinach this week)

-1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

-1 tbsp Agave Syrup

-1 tsp flax seed

-1/2 cup frozen fruit (I’ve been using blueberries)

-a few sloshes of liquid (water for me, but use whatever you like)


This is the basic outline I’m using. I’ll post some of my recipes for you to try. The Ninja came with a recipe book, but it’s all about that kale, so I dunno. I prefer spinach, but I’ll mix it up one day. It’s only day 3 of blending, and it was 2-for-1 on spinach at the store, so it’ll last we a while.


I also made a lifetime’s worth of delicious and healthy turkey chili. SO GOOD. Lover warned me he’s “not a chili guy” (pfft) but texted me while I was at work to tell me he thought it was phenomenal. Yay!



***Disclaimer: I have a terrible camera phone to work with.

This is my first blog, and I’m still learning tricks. It’s obvious that pictures are important, and good ones at that. Until I upgrade, thought, I will still do my best to take pictures, and insert links to places that have better pictures of the recipes I use.


Week 1 Summary

It’s already week 1, because at first I thought I’d do it on the sly.

I couldn’t do it on the sly the first time, like, “Oh, I look great? Well I’ve always looked this good!” because I was obviously not looking good.

Now, I’m 160 in a size 10. My hip hurts when I run, so I’m nervous about doing it before I drop 10 pounds. So that’s my initial goal- eat well and exercise until I’ve dropped the weight to start running.


This time around though, things are really different:

-I immediately felt great after day 1 of it. This could be because Lover and I went home for Christmas and spent 2 weeks gorging ourselves. I tried running to counteract it but after 2 days, the hip pain came back, so I just went on long walks with Odin.

-I have no raging, all-consuming cravings. Well, I almost had a bite of macaroni and cheese, but I quickly put it on my kid’s plate and gave it away before I could nom it. But most importantly, I have no cravings when I’m not around it. I used to pine for sugar, in any form. The first time on this diet, I had to finally buy a box of Skinny Cow ice cream and let myself have one 150 calorie treat a day. I don’t want it this time.

-This time, I have a buddy. Lover didn’t outright say it, but the last few days when I’ve bragged to him about the yummy, good stuff I’ve eaten, he’s said, “I ate pretty good too.” I think he wants to do good, too. So I’m rooting for him, even though he hasn’t asked for me to be accountable, but I’ve definitely made it clear that he can point out if I’m cheating. Which I won’t. You best believe it.

-I live close to my sister, who’s a work-out buff. Her husband is a phenomenal cook who cooks only wholesome, healthy things, which is why I find it wildly hilarious that his guilty pleasure is those snap-cup pudding packs. Those things are fucking gross. And probably infused on the sly with horse lard. Who knows what’s in that shit.

In any case, whenever she invites me to eat, it’s always health, and if we go out, we always split (It’s hard to split food with Lover, he’s 6 feet and then some and built like a Spartan. I’d just be left with the decorative lettuce). Also, she takes me running. And she’s absolutely not fair about it.

True story:

Sister: Wanna go run?
Me: sure

*Us, running. We’ve made it down the block.

Sister: You’ve got a great pace. Just make sure you can keep it up, the route’s about 10 miles

Me: Bitch say what?

*ten minutes later I’m shitting my brains out in a public park we barely made it to


I’ll keep you posted as new things come up. I’d also love to hear how, if you’re returning to your good friend Healthy Choices, how it’s different the second time around.


It’s back. 30 pounds of it.

I’d been denying it for a while. I thought, “I’m working hard, I’ll get to it,” at my office job, where I sat for nearly 9 hours out of the day except for when I snuck out and walked laps for 20 minutes with my coworker during lunch until we got told we were “wasting time.”


Slowly, the pounds came. It began with, “You’re running more, treat yosself.” So I did. I indulged at Friday breakfasts, on monthly potlucks, in whatever was left as a treat on my desk from coworkers. I consumed it all, because I was running 4 miles a day. Then I got tired, and waking up for work got harder and harder until I only ran 1-2 miles a day, maybe 2-3 times a week.

And my body’s the sort that needs to be run. The sort that can’t lose weight just by eating a bit better or just by exercising a bit more.


When my pants stopped fitting, I only wore my stretchy cotton dresses, telling myself, “Alright, just eat better.” So I did, but I didn’t have time to fit in exercising. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t into it and I had to vehemently coax him to go running with me. But if he liked me just lounging around watching Shark Tank, why shouldn’t I? Cheers to laziness.


Then one day I caught a stomach bug and went to the clinic in our building and they weighed me and I was mortified to find that over the course of a year and a half working there, I’d gained 30 pounds. Despite exercising pretty regularly, despite cutting back overeating during the last 2 months.


The scariest part though was that I was afraid to go back. Back to being 5’1 and 190lbs.


3 years ago my weight skyrocketed during a really bad relationship. After we ended, I threw myself into a project to distract myself from heartbreak- it was rebuilding myself. I finally had time to take care of myself and looking in the mirror, I hated it. I began exercising but my back was hurting and the scale wasn’t giving. I overheard my mom tell a friend about someone she knew who went on an extreme diet- no bread, pasta, or rice. All of it out. Nil.


So I went on it.


I felt so, so terrible. I was craving everything sugary. I would sit in a daze and fantasize about eating doughnuts. Don’t let anyone tell you sugar isn’t an addiction- even if you can control it to minor portions, try going cold turkey. And I’m a girl that lives for sweets.


Over 6 months, I lost 60 pounds. I looked fantastic. I had so much energy. I sprang out of bed in the mornings, I loved to run, and boys were looking at me like I’d never been looked at before. I’d grown up chubby, a constant size 12 all through middle and high school. That was my norm. I’d also never gotten asked out by a single guy that entire time.


And just like that, the last year and a half nearly undid me.


Luckily, I quit my sedentary job, got in a phenomenal relationship, and now I’m in the place to work on myself. The warning bell went off when my hip started hurting a few weeks ago when I upped my running distance to 3 miles. I’m 24. I’m too young to hurt when I run. Even more important though, I’ve been hired as a tour guide and I start full-time in 2 months.


So it’s come to this: eat great, build my strength, and feel again the way I felt when I was in my best body. That’s what I miss most- feeling weightless, feeling incredibly sexy, and being able to look fabulous in anything I wore. I’m taking myself back.

My goal is 20lbs in 2 months. I finally got a scale, and I’ve stocked me fridge. Bring it.


Really, I just want my tiny boobs to stick out beyond my stomach.

The Challenge

No bread, pasta, or rice for 2 months.


That sounds hard.


Not as hard as you think. The trick is to replace everything. Replace spaghetti squash for pasta, cauliflower for rice, yogurt or oatmeal instead of cereal for breakfast, lager portions of meat to fill up where bread would be center-stage. This blog is to let you in on the secrets.


Lucky for me, I’ve done this before. I know what dishes I like to make. I also have a wealth of recipes available to me on the Internet. I’ll be sharing those with you along with updates on my journey.


This was Round 1 of the NoBPR diet. The after picture me was also 30lbs lighter, 2 years ago.


For me, focusing on what I eat is easier than counting calories. I’d rather make it a challenge of making creative, veggies-heavy foods rather than sit and calculate what amount of things I can eat.


I will also shoot to exercise for 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That’s 200 minutes of exercise. This won’t be hard for me to achieve- I walk our dog Odin 1-2 times a day, a mile each time, and I like going to the gym.


So mostly, this is about food. Because I love talking about it more than anything else. Food that will energize me, slim me, and heal my body and allow for me to be able to go back to running and keep up with my new job.

Let the Hangry Games begin.



I am not a professional dietitian. I am someone who has read a lot of literature on dieting, from books to blogs to magazines, who has gone through a body transformation herself before. All this is a my-perspective of what works for me. Feel free to borrow tactics and recipes, comment with your own story and encourage each other.

Also, I am not endorsed by any company. However, if you would like to sponsor me and send your product to try and review on my blog, feel free to contact me at for more details.